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With the outbreak and global pandemic of COVID-19,

Updated: May 8

If you are riding up floor, painting, or doing other such demolition and construction activities, you’ll find our disposable face masks will offer you, your note, mouth and lungs the protection that they need. Not only will this protect you from viral contaminants such as COVID-19 as well as the common cold and flu, they’ll also help keep you free from dust and other bacteria common in construction and paint application.

Protection in crowded areas

If you are an essential service or required to be on the job in an office setting, it can be helpful to have access to a disposable mask or reusable mask so that you are doing whatever you can to protect yourself from those around you, and vice versa. This can offer a lot of comfort and relief to those required to be in crowds at work or in some form of public transit (including taxi services)

When interacting with vulnerable people

If you are interacting with vulnerable people, or you yourself are consider vulnerable, you’ll find either disposable or reusable masks can offer that extra layer of protection — literally — to help you stay safe and still interact with vulnerable people. This could extend to retirement community sites, palliative care homes and more.

Regardless of why you need a disposable or reusable mask, we hope you’ll make FaceMask your hub for the best quality, respectfully priced and hygienic masks to help get you through this coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Safety should always come first, and our face masks will help you to achieve that use by use, day by day.

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