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The features of our masks

Updated: May 6

All of our masks — disposable and cotton ones — have the following features for you to enjoy for enhanced comfort. These include:

  • Soft materials: These masks will not chafe your skin or create a rash if you are moving your head back and forth or talking underneath the mask. Both disposable and reusable face masks are intended to be comfortable even for long-term wear. This is also great for those who are sensitive skin.

  • Individually packaged for hygiene purposes: The whole point of a face mask is to protect yourself from the environment around you. We take this seriously which is why all of our masks sold are individually packaged so that you know what’s coming out of the package is sterilized and ready for safe use. This is for both disposable and the cotton reusable masks.

  • Pleats for a better fit: While you may see preformed masks that offer a tight fit, they can be uncomfortable if you have distinctive features. These pleats offer the same tight fit, but they’re versatile enough to be worn so that anyone can get a comfortable fit that protects their mouth and nose.

Comfortable, elasticized ear loops: Our masks feature properly sized elasticized loops that wrap around the ears. The use of elasticized ear loops means that you can get an accurate and adjustable fit each time you need it and the stretch also helps a tighter fit over your cheeks to offer enhanced protection. The elastic is soft and won’t bite into the skin behind your ears either.

Adult and child sizes:

We offer both adult sizes and child sizes so that you can get masks for the whole family without having to make the larger size fit young ones, and vice versa. This is yet another way in which we prioritize your safety and health through our products.

Our masks must pass rigorous testing to make sure they are durable, well-made and properly package to be able to give you the comfort and satisfaction of knowing that you and your loved ones are properly protected when shopping with us.

How can FaceMask masks be used?

There are a variety of industries and daily life activities than benefit from the use of our disposable or reusable masks. These include:

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